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Chemo administration screenshot

May 19, 2010

**UPDATE  06/05/2012** Contains old screenshots!


This is a promised screenshot of our current iteration of the page our nurses will be using to administer chemo.  There is a LOT going on in this picture, but some of the important procedural bookkeeping that is required of the nurses is streamlined on this page.  IV notes, allergies, even plain old warnings about a patient are present here.  Also present are things like dual-signature chemo dose verification and minute-by-minute tracking of what has happened to this patient.

Keep in mind, this is a beta, and there are some debugging/feedback features here for the time being.

The orders these nurses are carrying out come from the specialized physician order interface (not pictured here).

I would love to get more into the rest of the application, but that is premature at this juncture.