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Screenshot: Daily notes, treatment status

February 9, 2010

**UPDATE  06/05/2012** Contains old screenshots!


I’ve been busy at work and not posting as much, but I thought I would post a screenshot of how we are handling the status of treatments.  There are many more features in this screenshot than I can talk about in one post, so those will be for later. I do want to point out a few features, though.


Big Brother, meet Big EMR

February 3, 2010

One of the major features Ankhos delivers is the ability to track a patient’s treatment on a minute-by-minute basis. It keeps records and times  of patient indoc, the movement of a patient through the office, when treatments are started and stopped, any supplementary medicines administered during treatment… the list goes on.

In doing this tracking, Ankhos also keeps track of which employee is doing this patient handling and treatment administration. Times and employee signatures are associated with all events, so an interested  user can see all of the actions of employees throughout the day.

This is great for safety and accountability, but there is a sinister side to this event tracking we must consider.


The purple paper problem

January 20, 2010

The current patient flow at COS involves a paper chart and paper encounter form. It is on this form that the M.D. writes his or her orders for the next visit, as well as when that visit should be. On the way out, the patient hands the scheduler the piece of paper and makes their next appointment.

A piece of paper in hand is a strong reminder that the patient’s visit is not yet complete; they still have an obligation to the office.

What will happen then, when we have a totally electronic system? When there is no purple paper to prompt proper procedure?  I’m sure some patients will be sure to check out when their visit is complete, but what about those whose memory is not the sharpest? They will fail to check out.

This means that there will have to be a phone call to the patient from the scheduling office in the next few days (or that day) in order to schedule the next appointment. How do we value the tradeoff of electronic patient tracking and scheduling against the (theoretical) increase in scheduling phone calls?

Maybe we can keep the purple sheet, but just put a smiley face on it.

Status, location and… favorite color?

January 5, 2010

John from EMR and HIPAA and I were recently discussing the notion of  the ‘status’ of a patient in an EMR application and it got me to thinking… Is there another aspect of tracking a patient that has been overlooked?  So far, we have two concepts to describe  a patient while she is visiting the office:  Location and Status.  These are pretty comprehensive but in this post I want to brainstorm about other possible descriptions of a patient during her visit. Maybe keeping track of her favorite color will bring us a step closer to EMR paradise!


EMR Philosophy: Accountability

December 27, 2009

One requirement of Ankhos is to track events in an office on a minute-by-minute basis. Granted, not all practices will need such atomic record keeping, but my client’s practice delivers in-house chemotherapy treatment and event tracking is a part of their workflow. Because one of the main goals for my client is patient safety, we have aggreed that MD/RN/staff accountability is an important aspect of achieving this goal.


Productivity first, electronic records second

December 24, 2009

A few months back, Carolina Oncology Specialists(COS) purchased an EMR product  and implemented it in the office. This program performed its duties as a comprehensive data repository but ultimately, it lacked flexibility and was not productive for COS. There was also no benefit to the patient experience. In fact, the experience was so counter-productive that the staff at COS demanded to return to paper charts. Kudos to salesmanship.