Another Faxage Success Story

I just want to relay another success story we’ve had with Faxage, our bulk e-faxing provider.


We have switched to the Django 1.4.2 directory structure (Sort of a pain) and it broke some of our images we used when signing documents. While cleaning this up, we took the opportunity to change the way we submit faxes with images to Faxage.

We decided to start sending the images in-line with our markup using the the src attribute:


<img src=”…”>.


I sent a test fax with the example from Wikipedia and it didn’t work. I didn’t necessarily expect it to, as it isn’t specifically listed in their specs. So I emailed their support, asking if they support it in another way or if they will in the future.


6 minutes go by.


I get a response saying that they already put a change in and asked if would I test it on my end.


It works now.

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