Meaningful use certification for 2014

It has come time for us to work seriously towards Meaningful Use certification.  We have decided to set our target to the 2014 certification rules. I have spent a great deal of time reading the ruling and searching for information. I’m sure others are, as well, so I am providing some of the links I have found.

Our plan is to start with a Base EHR certification and become fully certified as we implement more of the requirements.

In doing research, I investigated other certified EHR systems. It became apparent to me that these systems were developed with a mindset that started with these rules.  Ankhos has been developed from day one with the nurses, doctors and clinic staff in mind.

We have usability features in Ankhos that we will have to remove for compliance. But I would rather have that problem than the problem of making a compliant piece of software usable.

Not bad – opinion

Quick summary

Short cheatsheet

Some slides

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I found a great set of slides

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2 Responses to “Meaningful use certification for 2014”

  1. kd4ttc Says:

    You have to make it less functional to meet criteria? What did you have to remove? Why??

  2. Orlowski Says:

    Things we will consider removing are mostly patient meta-information convenience features for planning purposes: What is the schedule for all Neulasta injections today?. This is helpful for drug ordering and employee scheduling. The answer to that question would display derivatives of more than one patient’s information at once. We will need to look closer at this.

    The inconveniences come more from what we will need to *add*. For instance, we will have to click the button for “smoking status”, which is something, as an oncology clinic, we generally know. .

    One click for smoking status may not sound like much, but add preferred language, race and nebulous “problem lists”, then multiply them by 2000 patients a month, and you not only end up wasting more time, but confusing an interface with ad-hoc functionality that interrupts the flow that works so well now.

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