If you don’t count evening cocktails, today was the second day of the Unlimited Systems G4 Directions conference in Cincinnati, Ohio. Unlimited Systems is a company, nay, family led by the four Gockerman brothers, that provides services and support for the GE Centricity medical software. “The Gockermans” seem like some sort of patriarchical unseen entity with an invisible hand, guiding the company.   They are anything but invisible.  All of the employees here are unwaveringly enthusiastic, and the Gockermans are very real.

NCOH is currently using Centricity and is bracing for the change to Centricity 9.5. Today I was able to get a look at some of the screenshots — They look great.

What looks even better is the solution that Unlimited has created to complement Centricity. Their software puts the
proverbial icing on the cake, making the business side of practice management using Centricity that much easier. It also looks slick and fun to use.

As readers know, this blog is about the origin and development of Ankhos and I can see some serious potential for integration here. Indeed, it seems that Unlimited Systems has this type of integration dead in their sights. Whether it be a hardware vendor, EMR or even other PM software, they are a force for unification and integration that is enthusiastically reaching for the stars.
Soon, I’ll be on my way back to North Carolina to prepare for the arrival of our new developer!   I am very excited, as we will be able to handle user issues and drive progress in Ankhos at the same time!

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