Screenshot: Advanced regimen sandboxing

**UPDATE  06/05/2012** Contains old screenshots!


Ankhos provides lots of flexibility when it comes to creating chemotherapy regimens. Not only is it easy to create a custom regimen, but it’s also easy to modify them on the fly. We do this with a technique we call ‘Sandboxing’.

Whether we’re using a regimen straight from the textbook or creating our own, we have the option to place it in the ‘sandbox’.  Anything can be placed in the sandbox, from entire regimens to x-rays to comp panel orders…. Anything that occurs with some periodicity in conjunction with patient treatment.

Once in the sandbox, these agents and orders can be modified on a  day/cycle basis in order to match the needs of the patient. Clicking on the right and left arrows will increase/decrease the cycle length, and the days of a treatment can either be typed in or inserted on days 1,8,15,… by clicking the weekly checkboxes.

The sandbox outlines a patient’s entire treatment schedule in one fell swoop.  We won’t need to do any physician data entry for weeks… or until a change is needed.

The sandbox pictured above outlines 4 weeks of (made-up) treatment. Once the treatment is in the sandbox, You can cycle these four weeks as many times as you want. Three cycles of CHOP-R? Easy. Weekly CBCs for 6 months? Easy.

The sandbox has received many accolades and nearly every user who has experienced it describes it as ‘very powerful’ or ‘incredibly easy’.

One limitation of the sandbox is that it is not practical to schedule a follow-up  one year from now or mammogram in 6 months, but we solve that problem by ordering the simpler tasks like a normal EMR might… one at a time.

A final note: As far as patient safety is concerned, each treatment must be electronically signed by an MD before it can be administered so any dose reduction that is required does not fall through the cracks.

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