Re-Re-Thinking the iPad

A few of the users at Carolina Oncology Specialists have been persistent about using the iPad. It’s exceedingly long battery life and relatively light weight have proven to be big advantages compared to other form factors.  We did find that a non-slip case that also provides a stand is essential.


So the iPad is back on.  We now have a two-factor setup in the office now for the physicians. The first is a kiosk-type style with a widescreen monitor in the main hub.   The other is the iPad; users are encouraged to use what comes naturally to them and so far, this is the setup that has evolved.


And, of course, Ankhos is a web (browser)-based app, so any computer with an internet browser on the internal network can access the application.  This allows great flexibility for our our users to evolve how and where they interact with the program.


This sort of thing is another reason I love my users. They are persistent in discovering what will work best for them and provide feedback that allows me to accommodate it.  It only took a few tweaks to get the iPad working like they wanted, then they were off and running.



Next up? Android and Windows tablets…. Let’s get ready to rumble.

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4 Responses to “Re-Re-Thinking the iPad”

  1. Aru Says:

    Have you looked into JQuery’s mobile framework? You could see about doing some kind of quickview mobile web interfaces…

    • orlowski Says:

      I haven’t messed with JQuery much yet, but the mobile stuff looks pretty powerful. I would love to have a mobile view or ‘app’… I just need a few more programmers 😉

  2. John Lynn Says:

    I think Android is definitely your next platform. Although, not the Android phone devices, but the whole slew of Android iPad like devices that we’re sure to see soon.

    Also, since you are totally web based, I wonder if Chrome OS is going to be a good fit for your type of EMR.

  3. orlowski Says:

    Chrome OS definitely looks cool. And you may be interested to know that the main browser we are supporting is Google Chrome. We have had to make a few tweaks to make some things work properly in Safari (The iPad browser), but they have been relatively minor.

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