Re-thinking the iPad for EMR

After a few weeks of evaluation, it is the general consensus that the iPad is not right for most functions of Ankhos. There are a few users who prefer them (mostly nurses who are always mobile) but the iPad just leaves too much to be desired in the way of displaying and entering large amounts of information quickly.

The iPad also does some frustrating this with data entry, such as capitalizing every text field automatically.  These ‘best guesses’ probably work well in the living room and on normal media web pages, but not in a medical office using a rich application where every second is money spent.

Ankhos is a web app and, as such, is very portable. This portability will be able to accommodate both users of the iPad and of the desktop. Those who wish to use the iPads may happily continue to do so. For others we will use our existing windows workstation ‘hubs’ for the forseeable future.

The past few weeks have been so busy and so fun. All of the people here at COS are extremely smart and very invested in improving their practice… and we get to improve our software along the way.

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One Response to “Re-thinking the iPad for EMR”

  1. Joy Hester Says:

    What a wonderful learning experience is has been working with Nick in the development of Ankhos.

    The nurses at COS are all giving him good feed back and feel like they have been a part in Nick’s development of a hands on, functional EMR. How great is to have him here. He understands what we do to provide excellent patient care and this shows in Ankhos.

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