Ankhos launching on iPads, but not Mac

It’s decided. The initial rollout of Ankhos will be on the iPad.  They are cheap, light and easy to use. However, we won’t be using the broken-down OS that comes with them. The current plan (in development) is to use them simply as a thin client to the already existing virtualized Windows environment. This will allow the doc’s machines to not only multi-task, but to use the portion of the  Windows-based EMR we are still using now

Doc’s are constantly moving in and out of exam rooms and nurses are constantly moving between patients administering chemo treatments.  Having the option of carrying their EMR system with them will surely be appreciated. (Ankhos will, of course, still run on a desktop workstation with any operating system.) iPads are…

1. Cheap: Thin WiFi clients don’t need 3g, and don’t need much HD space. Each is probably going to run a bit over $500.

2. Long in battery life: iPads are supposed to have ~12 hours of continuous streaming video. We’ll see how far the batteries get us running the virtualization app. We’re shooting for at least 8 hours/day.

3. Light: Doc’s and PAs are going to be carrying them around all day. We want to make sure they aren’t too weighed down.

4. Impressive: A doctor using a tablet PC/Mac might seem more professional  than one who is lugging around a laptop or staring at a wall-mounted monitor with her back to the patient.


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