EMR virtualization… possibly

Throughout this whole project we’ve been operating under the assumption that we would have a typical (maybe not) intranet web setup: a dedicated application server, a database server and scale from there.

But recently, we’ve begun to examine the possibility of virtualizing the entire operation. COS are currently using VMWare (HIT Link) for some of their applications and it would make a lot of sense to simply load up another vitual app on their servers. Maybe some hardware would need updating, but that’s easy with virtualization.

I still have a lot to research and learn about the specifics of the different virtualization platforms, but it seems like a no-brainer.  Virtualization could also allow us to easily disseminate Ankhos at a later date with the use of virtual ‘apps’. There are many EMR systems currently available as virtualized apps, but none addresses the specific needs of the oncology internist… yet.

What have your experiences been with EMR virtualization?  I know there are many commercial initiatives (Dell, McKesson) starting up and this is probably very fertile ground for the future of EMR rollouts.

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