Atomizing healthcare IT

There has been a lively discussion on one of the posts of EMR and HIPAA about why Medical IT adoption is so slow relative to, say, the financial sector (or the library system for heaven sakes!)

Some blame doctors, some blame lack of real government stimulus and some blame un-enthusiastic IT companies but I think the real problem is the perspective that the industry has had on this subject.

It is true that there will always be a ‘workflow’ framework and a software design process centered around leveraging existing software for new workflows, but that doesn’t mean all strategies of ‘molding software to the workflow’ will work.

At some point the differences are so fundamental that in order to create effective software more than just conforming is required.

Heathcare workflows will have to be atomized in order for software to be beneficial. You wouldn’t expect a mom and pop local bank to be productive/cost-effective with stock-trading software from Goldman Sachs just because they are both in the financial sector!

I think it’s going to take some fresh thinking and willingness to start over to bring productivity and cost-effectiveness to healthcare IT.

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2 Responses to “Atomizing healthcare IT”

  1. Raymond Li Says:

    I agree. Measurable increases in productivity and quantifiable cost-savings would be the key to adoption.

    Some of the sophisticated health care IT deployments are already in place in many hospitals and medical centers. However, it’s not centered around the patient… it’s centered around increased productivity and cost-effectiveness for billing.

    • orlowski Says:

      Right. Your point brings me back to the original question I posted on Johns blog. An adoption rate of 15% may be slow from the EMR vendor/consultant perspective. But when you center your question around the patient, maybe EMR adoption is right on schedule.

      Is the goal of medical record software simply propagation or is it increasing productivity and effectiveness?

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