Winning the hearts and minds of the people

We spent the last few weeks  going through the initial process of using Ankhos in the office, as well as developing a specific rollout schedule.  We have been very sensitive about how receptive the employees are to our new software, as their acceptance can make or break the software.

To this end, I spent most of my time this week working one-on-one with the future users of the software, coaching them through their roles with the software.  Physician’s assistants would be working with the software in different ways than the nurses or lab techs, and I made sure everyone understood their proposed roles.  (I say proposed because software is organic, and these roles and use cases will likely change)

Working one-on-one with the user, asking questions and prompting criticizm is the best way to win the hearts and minds of the users and to make the software their own.  I am excited to abdicate this  “developer’s throne”  and give the power to the users. Ankhos 1.0 is coming soon…

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