Querying the future

One of the coolest and most impressive aspects of keeping electronic records is the ability to compile massive amounts of information very quickly. But, many offices still use paper and pencil to plan their patient scheduling and pharmacy ordering.

“How much Flouroracil will we need tomorrow?”

“Do we have enough time/space to fit another patient in at 3:00?”

“Do the amounts of controlled substances in our pharmacy match up with the amount prescribed last week? Do we have enough for the upcoming week?”

“How many nurses will we need on Friday? Can Jane take the day off?”

These questions would take hours to answer if compiled by hand, but with an electronic record/scheduling system, they could be answered in seconds…. IF they are implemented correctly.

The flagship feature in Ankhos is the ability to schedule an arbitrary number of chemo cycles months in advance, letting nurses, administrators and pharmacists know exactly what treatments are coming up in the future. If we have answers to the questions above in elecrtonic format, we can make you and the staff of your oncology office much happier, safer and more prepared.

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