CCR: It’s just XML; get over yourselves

There is healthy debate over which healthcare information interoperability standard will reign supreme. One of the major standards is called ‘CCR’ or ‘Continuity of Care Record‘.

CCR is NOT an open standard.

The standards committee charges $100 (bling, bling) for you to have access to this standard. Heaven forbid you try to organize code for future implementation of this standard (Where did they get this price point?)  I’m all for rewarding people for their work, but charging this much for a standard a little insulting. Some people are positing that this standard is on its way out.  I guess that’s what happens when you charge for something other people will do for free.

It’s just XML, get over yourselves. It’s not like you can’t implement many standards at the same time. If they are all truly interoperable, it shouldn’t matter which standard you use!

An interesting note is that Google is using a toned-down version of this standard; one that aligns very closely with the original one… and they are releasing their CCR(G) standard for free.

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