Video: Regimen creation

Last night, I compiled a quick video showing how regimen creation works in Ankhos. This blog is about openness and collaboration and I hope that some ideas may be useful for those starting their own oncology EMR. Please leave feedback if you love or hate the way Ankhos handles regimen creation. And let us know if this information was helpful for you! Please keep in mind that the look is not yet polished.

Below are the general steps that occur in the video

1. Navigate to the regimen tab. Select the two existing regimens are selected to show how some of the more complicated ones could look.

2. Click ‘New Regimen’ in the upper-left corner. Select the new regimen.

3. Rename the regimen and enter a category. The category will become the folder in which the regimen resides on the left side.

4. From the right column, drag any drugs, premeds or lab orders onto the middle portion of the screen. In this example two premeds were chosen, as well as hydration, chemo and cbc orders.

5. Fill out dosing and delivery vector information.

6. Click “save” and enter your PIN (This will be ***’ed out in production)

7. Go to the ‘Home’ tab. Search for ‘Orl’, this will bring up Nicholas Orlowski in search results.

8. Follow the calendar link.

9. Click on ‘New Orders’, select the regimen, start date and the number of cycles.

10. Observe how the entire schedule is laid out on the calendar.

More (not seen in video):

The date of a specific order is changeable by dragging and dropping and doses are changeable. There are many more features, but I will save those for future posts and videos.

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5 Responses to “Video: Regimen creation”

  1. Jim Says:

    Thanks! user interface looks really clean – like the calendar view. like the drag/drop features. great work.

  2. Joy Hester Says:

    I thought using the regimen builder last week was easy but watching the video just reinforced it!
    When I started using it, I tried to double click on the desired drug instead of draging it. When I began using the drag and drop found it to be easy. You can drag all of the drug at once the fill in the rest all at once or do one drug at a time. I would like to be able to move a drug up or down in the order.
    The look is so neat, easy to follow.

  3. orlowski Says:

    Yes, it was very instructive to watch people use the regimen builder. I think the double-click portion of the interface would be a good addition to the ways you can add a drug to a regimen.

    We also discussed being able to drag entire regimens onto another to easily combine multiple regimens. This would make creating pre-medication templates absurdly simple.

  4. Seeing the forest without the trees « Ankhos — Oncology EMR Project Says:

    […] the forest without the trees By orlowski A while back, I posted a video of how regimen creation is done in Ankhos. In my recent visits, we have decided to almost completely […]

  5. orlowski Says:

    This video is now out-dated.

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