Regimen creation success

Today was the first day in three of on-site user tests for Ankhos. I sat with Joy, the lead nurse at COS and went through the creation of a few oncology regimens. Granted, the previous experiences she has had with regimen entry in other EMR products has been a nightmare but, in her words, Ankhos is “Awesome!”

Oncology regimens can be as simple as prescribing one dose of one drug on one day. They can also morph into tentacled behemoths capable of devouring days of productivity and chomping away at the morale of those charged with their creation. Today we concluded that the simple interface Ankhos uses is able to tame these horriffic beasts and make their creation… dare I say… fun.

To make regimen entry simple, we tried to break it down into fundamentals. We took a step back and noticed a few fundamental principles

1. Regimens are cyclical — There should be some notion of periodicity built in to how we specify them.

2. Regimens are cohesive — They are not simply a collection of drugs, but are notions of intent for how to treat a patient.

3. Regimens are subject to real life events — They have to be flexible enough to accommodate a patient missing a treatment, or not having a ride home, or having bad reactions during treatment.

4. Regimens are temporally dependent — Modification of an ordered regimen must be allowed to ‘cascade’ to future doses and schedules.

5. Regimens can be hierarchical — Some are derived from others, and if we can design our interface around that, we can make modification and addition of regimens easier.

By taking these principles into account, we were able to design an interface that is both easy to use and powerful enough to express the most complex regimens.  More testing tomorrow…

If there is enough interest, I would be willing to create a video demonstration of our regimen creation process.

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3 Responses to “Regimen creation success”

  1. Jim Says:

    Enjoy your blog and would love to see a video demo of the system!

  2. orlowski Says:

    Video is up today.

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