Screenshot: Daily notes, treatment status

**UPDATE  06/05/2012** Contains old screenshots!


I’ve been busy at work and not posting as much, but I thought I would post a screenshot of how we are handling the status of treatments.  There are many more features in this screenshot than I can talk about in one post, so those will be for later. I do want to point out a few features, though.

Screenshot of the Ankhos calendar

The screenshot has 3 main foci:

A:  Treatments can be highly volatile. Sometimes mistakes are made in dosing, other times a patient has a reaction to a treatment and the halting of that treatment needs to be documented.

The red ‘no’ symbol  indicates that the treatment of Chemoflobin (a made-up drug) has been halted due to an unforeseen occurrence. When the user hovers over the symbol, he will see the text that the user entered as a reason for halting the treatment. This reason could be anything, from the wrong dose to  the wrong drug being prescribed.

The second aspect of part A  is the yellow ‘exclamation’ mark . This indicates a non-critical reaction the patient has had.  Similar to the halt icon, the mandatory user-entered reason will be displayed via hover-over.

These halt and reaction symbols help the MD make decisions about future treatments. Imagine coming back to this schedule to make the next orders for this patient. You would have easy access to information about how well the patient tolerated a particular treatment and would be much less likely to make the same dosing/drug error as last time.  This information can also be use in reports to evaluate how well certain regimens are doing. You could answer questions like:  ‘How often do patients react poorly to drug A on day 3 of regimen XYZ?’

B: This area shows indicators for the current status of a treatment. The refresh icon indicates that this treatment is currently in progress. That is, the patient is physically in the treatment room and the nurses are observing actual administration of a drug.

The clock symbol indicates that the treatment has not yet started.  There are many icons and some of the meanings may need to be changed after our testing next week, but I think you get the idea of how we are trying to display as much pertinent information as we can without cluttering the UI.

Also in section B, next to the date, are the calendar, treatment and comment links. I will make a post on the treatment links in the near future.

section C:

This simply shows how a comment can be made for an arbitrary day. It shows who made the comment and when it was made. This information is kept for all annotations, warnings, reactions… basically everything.

There is so much more information about this page that simple screenshots cannot show. Drill-downs into specific treatment events are available as well as sub-verifications of chemo orders.  Checks, double checks and more checks are mandatory before treatments can be started. I will make a post on these in-depth treatment features later.

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2 Responses to “Screenshot: Daily notes, treatment status”

  1. Joy Hester Says:

    I am back at work and getting back up to speed. I am looking forward to testing all of your hard work.
    I like the symbols. They are clear, professional looking and are easily understood. The entire look of the program is clean, and non-complicated but still coveys information necessary to the safe treatment of the patient.
    So many other EMR’s I have seen are cluttered and difficult to follow. There should be only one place to locate needed information.
    See you soon.

  2. orlowski Says:

    This screenshot is now out-dated.

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