Oncology EMR: The human element

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Enthusiastic clients are  a huge part in creating quality software.  I read the Daily WTF often (as most programmers should). This blog reminds me of all the things that can  easily go wrong with a software project if you don’t keep your head on straight and learn to side-step people eager to get in the way. It also makes me constantly appreciate the doctors and nurses with whom I am writing this software. Without their expert and creative input, this project would be a lost cause.

It is this human element; the creativity, expertise and enthusiasm of people that makes Ankhos great.

If you have an EMR vendor who is not excited to work with you, don’t just walk to the nearest exit. Run. If you have an EMR vendor who works very closely and listens to your needs, cherish them and count yourself lucky. If you are looking for an oncology EMR product developed by and for oncologists, stay tuned. Drop us a line, or provide feedback. Ankhos  will deliver.

More screenshots coming soon…

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