From EMR and EHR: easy meaningful use matrix

John from EMR and EHR posted a link to a great 12 page pdf of the meaningful use guidelines. I thought it deserved a link.

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4 Responses to “From EMR and EHR: easy meaningful use matrix”

  1. John Lynn Says:

    Thanks for the link. No doubt that meaningful use has become a popular topic on my blog. Take a look at all the posts: I have a feeling there are many more to come too.

  2. orlowski Says:

    Yes, the meaningful use matrix is a large source of hits on my blog. Thanks for your post 🙂

  3. Dan "Beyond Meaningful Use" Fellars Says:

    The pdf may be helpful to understand meaningful use, but can it help your practice be more efficient/profitable? My guess is your custom Oncology EMR does more to help physicians be better at what they do best than the meaningful use guidelines.

    • orlowski Says:

      Precisely. Ankhos will go a long way towards achieving meaningful use, but that is not our primary goal. The reimbursement for meeting meaningful use is minuscule in comparison with the cost of most EMRs. In our view, meaningful use is a nod to software vendors, not doctors or patients. Providers who center their budgets around meaningful use are going to end up with bad software that didn’t save them any money or provide any utility in the long run.

      Ankhos will improve productivity and safety enough that the increased revenue will be above and beyond any meaningful use payouts… perhaps beyond the potential penalties in 2015.

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