Screenshot: Regimen creator

The promised screenshot:

For those who don’t know, a regimen is the bread and butter of Oncology prescriptions. These are published combinations of drugs, specified over certain periods of time, delivered by certain vectors, potentially recurring at differing intervals.  These monstrosities are part of the reason electronic oncology scheduling is so different from, say a general practicioner’s scheduling. There are many more ‘layers’ of prescription scheduling needed, in addition to simple appointment scheduling. The screenshot of our regimen creator is below.

Ankhos Regimen creation

Ankhos regimen creation is made easy with a drag-and-drop interface.

What you see is the regimen creator tab. The idea is to make it as simple as possible to create a regimen. My client was incredibly dissatisfied with the way all other products assemble their regimens. Some were not able to provide modifyable versions of the published regimens. Our goal was to not only be able to modify a published regimen(a copy, of course), but to be able to create one’s own regimen.

The interface here is drag and drop, so from the list of drugs on the right, you can drag them into the middle area to add them to the regimen.  You can also create a new, blank regimen. One thing I just realized I need to add is the a button for ‘copy regimen’.

So, the open development begins. I hope this will be productive for the community (and for me). I warmly welcome feedback and comments. If you are an oncologist, would this type of interface be useful? What are your issues with regimen use/creation?

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