Paradigm shifts are good

At least four times in this project, I have noticed major paradigm shifts in our conceptualization of how this project will work. Like prophesized by Paul Graham, the project is becoming something completely different than I thought it would be.
I keep a hand-written journal and occasionally look back at the things I was writing and drawing in the first few weeks. When I do, I feel like I am looking at designs for a completely different project.
One of the biggest shifts was our fundamental understanding of making prescriptions not drug based, but Regimen-based. This realization led us to a very flexible prescription system (as I previously posted). We will even be able to integrate the ordering of labs and cbcs into our regimens, making regimen assignment not just easier for doctors, but for the scheduling staff, as well.
It seems every time I make a visit to the client site and spend time speaking with the staff, we come up with an important direction change for the project. I just hope that these direction changes are in the forward direction, and not simply making up time from programming to poorly-defined specs.
I am optimistic.

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