EMR Philosophy: Accountability

One requirement of Ankhos is to track events in an office on a minute-by-minute basis. Granted, not all practices will need such atomic record keeping, but my client’s practice delivers in-house chemotherapy treatment and event tracking is a part of their workflow. Because one of the main goals for my client is patient safety, we have aggreed that MD/RN/staff accountability is an important aspect of achieving this goal.

Much of the information on paper charts is currently entered by hand. This includes things like lab results, drug dosing and treatment events (which can include pain or nausea indices, starting and stopping of drugs, etc.) In order to reduce documentation and drug delivery errors, we have incorporated a short-term authentication system into the workflow.

I won’t go into specifics at this time as we are still conducting usability tests, but ideally this system will give pause(as small as possible) to the staff member and make sure the hectic pace of the office does not interfere with error checking and fat-finger prevention.

The danger, of course, is that we sacrifice too many productivity gains with this authentication system. Only user tests and design iterations will give us our final answer.

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